Windows8 Developer Preview

Yeah even I never thought that I would find myself writing about a Microsoft Product but the whole thing looked so exciting that I just couldn’t resist. Features: Metro style apps. I believe the idea is to give people a heads-up in creating applications for the devices on which Windows 8 is going to run (//TODO: restructuring required!).

Windows8 Preview for Developers is out (

And their BUILD site says that it was downloaded 500K times within the first 12 hours of its release. Good for them!

Earlier in the evening I was trending #Windows8 ( about how my attempts at the installation were falling short. I am so glad that I finally did it (think: Die in peace. think: slumber)!!

Look for yourself ….

Let us quickly go thru the procedure:

Procure the Installation Media:

ISO (DVD Image)


Type: 64bit/32bit Depending upon your system (I have installed Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64))

Installation Location:

1) Inside a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox used):

Pretty detailed steps with screenshots given.

Make sure that your System supports Hardware Virtualization

2) On the Harddisk

  • upgrade Windows 7

if you have an existing installation then it may ask you to upgrade Windows 7. I don’t see much of a point going ahead with that. Lets just test it and wait for the full version to be out. So, select CUSTOM instead, for Dual-Boot. If you choose Dual-Boot now later you may be able to uninstall it as well otherwise things may get a little tricky.

  • dual-boot (say Windows 7 and Windows 8)

Windows gives you a recommended installation plan but you need to select a custom one for dual boot to happen.

Prerequisite: Resize the partition (C Drive: .. Using Windows Vista/Windows 7 Manage Computer Tools  or GParted etc) and create a new partition having at least 20Gb of Free Space. If not already then convert it to NTFS filesystem.

Installation Medium:

1) boot using USB/DVD:

Burn the downloaded image to the USB or DVD (for 4.8Gb ISO, regular DVD would not suffice) using a tool.

Microsoft’s USB Tool:

Plug the USB/insert the DVD and hit reboot.

Instructions are self-explanatory.

2) as software (extract the ISO using WinRAR etc. No DVD/USB required):

Running Setup.exe in the ROOT folder wouldn’t give you enough options. And it may even scare you saying something close to FORMATTING the entire system (Saving Nothing). Go to “sources” folder instead and run the Setup from there. It works like a charm.

Select the partition where you wish to install the Windows8 Developer Preview on.

Windows 8 looks promising.

Do try it at least inside VirtualBox.