wooing Mac OS X 10.6.3!


This is the link to get the OS/X “Snow Leopard” [as 10.6 is called. I was reading a book and found out that no new functionalities were added with this release & so just the existing code was refactored, that’s y the codename “Leopard” stayed. Its funny how they’ve named it everything from Cheetah to Jaguar, Puma, Panther & Tiger], for x86 vmware image and the installation has been summarized quite well.

After I got this link from TPB, I was compelled to check if my current system [Acer Aspire 5738] supports Hardware Virtualization, which apparently is needed to run the VM smoothly. It turns out that my Core 2 Duo Mobile doesn’t have a lot of other functionalities as well, its the cheap chip πŸ˜›

Core 2 Duo T6600 😦 No Virtualization Capabilities

I should've researched well before taking T6600! 😦

Though hardware virtualization is now out of question even then I’ve been trying to fix this thing… it shows me the start up screen and then the machine gets restarted. 😐 there is just nothing I can do now, instead of upgrading the processor (can i do that?).

Below: when I boot with ‘-v’ mode.’

Crap! VM Reboots after this 😦

I’ll keep you posted people. Ta!

Chrome did it! :O

Well Chrome is gearing up to … Speed and after the Java Script all written from the scratch… Today i started using Extensions.

[btw I was reading stuff aboutΒ Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010, Safari 5 has exciting new features, Reader… new enhanced JavaScript support.. etc ]

When you click on more....

More!! πŸ˜›

Chrome Dictionary Extension

Just select a word or phrase and click on Dict Button on the address bar!

Two days back I was wondering if an plugin etc like that would exist… today just in the same form it appeared. πŸ˜€

Quite a coincidence! I’m sporting a new look as well. England Theme! πŸ˜› Don’t know why. Should I start supporting their football team as well! πŸ˜€ hehe. Alright

Google News Extension

Awesome πŸ˜› I mean yesh they found her! πŸ˜€ and of course the extension! πŸ˜‰ cool no?

πŸ˜€ Awaiting the Chromium OS!

Chromium OS (Unknown Build)

things were good…

but…. I noticed Vuze not starting up!! [to fix that, I removed and reinstalled from “Ubuntu Software Center”, and it got even upgraded. Cool no?]

and All the more sad… My VMWare Workstation stopped working. [Ubuntu 10.04 uses Linux Kernel higher than 2.6.32]

The workstation was old and so couldn’t build modules for the new kernel and sadly I can’t even logon to my Mac OS X Virtual Machine!

I know its very sad depressing!

I’ve tried a lot of things but none seemed to work.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Downgrade to a Linux Kernel which the VMWare Supports. //TODO didn’t try that enough. Need to download Kernel!
    Just yesterday I removed all the unused obsolete Kernel Headers! Sadly If I would’ve just booted in an earlier one, at least my VMWare would’ve worked.
  2. Upgrade VMWare. Yeah I can do that. They will fix the bug and it will work just great on my own system.
    Sounds k. But I would then need a license for the new version as well. //NOTODO I’m not that rich you knoww!! [Not Yet. hehe]
  3. Well, then there is VirtualBox! It still works out-of-the-box [of late I’ve been using this word a lot. Sounds good no?]. If I could just take the VMDX (Mac OS X virtual disk of type VMWare) and use it in VirtualBox. So simple no issues right? 😐 But the image never booted. It showed me a Gray Apple Logo and Loading never completed.
  4. Then We can convert the VMDX image to VDI (suited for VMWare) [after all we just want the Mac OS X running], I followed the steps at some blog..sudo apt-get install qemu
    qemu-img convert debian.vmdk /tmp/debian.bin
    VBoxManage convertdd /tmp/debian.bin debian.vdiNaah! Same story! 😐 It never really got alive. //TODO tinker with the VirtualBox settings.
  5. Patching the VMWare (so that it can use the new Kernel and build modules accordingly)
    πŸ˜‰ I found a few forum threads on the same. There are a lot of people having similar issues. They have even posted the patches. Like here. But my VMWare is still not happy enough.
  6. I can optionally install the Ubuntu 9.10 back (separate installation of course). //TODO But doesn’t make sense.
  7. Completely Remove the Workstation and Install again. Β //TODO I don’t know why it will help anyway!

What else can I say. Wish Me Luck! πŸ˜€ Will post back soon with updates!


I uninstalled VMWare Workstation and then installed it again [Think: 7]

Then I tried patching the Kernel and guess what It worked. [Think: 5]

I’ll tell you how. See this blog: http://communities.vmware.com/message/1401588#1401588

a) Create a Folder [anyname]

b) Save the two files inside that.

c) Enter Console and change directory to [anyname]. Make the Script executable & run it:

$ chmod u+x patch-modules.sh

$ ./patch-modules.sh

d) All is done [if bottom two lines don’t suggest that “make” failed]. Just Start the Player. πŸ˜€

Cheers Mate. Thanks for Support! πŸ˜‰

Upgraded to Ubuntu10.04

GNOME is elegant!

GNOME Ubuntu 10.04

KDE Plasma, Cool Widgets

KDE Kubuntu 10.04

Ah! Well its been ages already since I’ve been trying to upgrade to “Lucid Lynx” from “Keramic Koala“!

I downloaded the alternate disc and the desktop disc as well. But none seemed to upgrade my existing Ubuntu.

It kept asking for a disc (as in to insert it etc) which I was running the installer from [Sad situation. I know! Its even worse than being in a situation where you need to download a Wifi-Driver From the internet to make the Wifi Work! :O]!

To try it I wrote a DVD with Ubuntu-10.04-Desktop-amd64.iso and even installed it on a bootable USB Drive. Its fun, just plug and boot and even offers a persistence for documents.

Anyway.. I kept on telling myself that already I’ve downloaded around two Diskettes totaling about 1.4Gigs and then if I use the “Update Manager” to Upgrade to 10.04 then it’ll be a total waste of already applied effort and network bandwidth, but having a Fun-Unlimited InterNet Connection I thought.. Y NOT! πŸ˜€ and so I switched to Upgrade “frame-of-mind”! The Upgrade Manager is very robust and starts every time for the the same state where it left or had to abort because of limited connectivity. It was interactive and finally after 3 hours the new Ubuntu was up and running.

I must tell you, its amazing. Its even all the more beautiful and works just great. Initially I had some skepticism about its performance though but πŸ™‚ it got back to being awesome again.

Soon once I was logging in and saw under “sessions” .. it was KDE. I think as I was using K3B and other KDE packages some initial files must have got downloaded I logged in but couldn’t see the task-bar even. I had to download the KDE-Basepackages to make it work. Now I have Kubuntu and Ubuntu both in my system. Take a look! πŸ˜€