Wet Smartphone: Things //TODO

Lets take a quick look at the things todo when we have a wet phone in/on/at our (hand + mind).


Do NOT take your Smart-phone to the bathroom. It shouldn’t drink. It shouldn’t pee. SIMPLE!

Whenever you go to the bathroom (you listening Bro?), make sure you do not carry your phone along.

What on earth can happen? Why can you not be disconnected from the world for just a few minutes (or does it take you longer. Lol. Or maybe it happens because of the device??  …. Hey is it just me or this is our Chicken or the Egg problem!)

BTW, for some people its their outfit that does it and not the deed.

(= think trousers, = think loo … respectively)

Some of our sources report that taking a laptop inside is far more safer (looking at the surface area and stuff you know!!)

Note: We included Before because we still do not understand the space-time-continuum well.


(let’s be a little serious now. Respect to the Dead!? #justkidding)

Next Second>>

  1. Quick! No second thoughts. Just fish the phone out of the [Ahem] well (usage: noun) – bucket – juice?.
  2. Take a moment and feel bad about what you just did (please include the *act of fishing* here!!)
  3. Don’t try to Switch it off (it may hardly be conscious anyway. Just don’t try and waste time)
  4. Dismantle the phone (for Nokia phones I may offer a quicker way: JUST DROP IT from your height)
    Sim card and Memory Card(s) may not get severely affected. Battery you need to make sure if its Ok (some people suggest Tongue. Meh!!).
  5. Find a napkin and wipe/soak any presence of water.

Next 20 minutes>>

  1. Crucial next 20 minutes! The moisture is supposed to be evaporated gradually. If you hurry at this step, your phone may never see again (or vice versa).
  2. Putting the phone in the Sun may cause the moisture to route towards the screen and that may cause significant irrevocable damage.
    I am not sure but my Milestone didn’t get strong even after sufficient Vitamin D intake.
  3. Using a blow-dryer may cause the moisture to go even deeper. Not advisable.
  5. On second thoughts, blow-dryer is not really a bad option. Just do not intensify. Also, a warm CPU box can help. ROFL!
  6. DO NOT switch on the phone yet.

Next 72 hours>>

  1. This may sound funny but you gotta do it..
    Put the body (hehe its dead right?) in a RICE JAR. Yeah just get a big enough JAR (Good Luck with searching for big enough jar for your 5″ wide devices)
  2. Do make sure that the rice is weevil free (I didn’t check!). Think: Basmati Chaaval.
  3. Do not take out the phone before 72 hours (3 Days) complete.
  4. Rice is designed to suck all the moisture from your phone. Just let it do its work.
  5. Make sure that the Jar is air tight. Some people have even suggested me to put the Jar in the Sun.

after 3 days>>

  1. Take the phone out of the Rice Jar carefully.
  2. Doesn’t matter if you are religious, go find the missing battery.
  3. Put it back inside the device and Boot it up. (I can understand. 24K worth a Brick is not done! Not like THISSSSS!!)
  4. Make sure everything works fine (Sounds, Vibration, Screen Display)
  5. If nothing works and you cannot even switch the phone on then Battery may be the cause. Try to Charge it (I didn’t have to go that far. Do it your own risk. I mean of course everything you have done so far is at your own risk. oh! I misplaced the disclaimer!!)
  6. If all works well then please let me know. I will share the happiness.

Oh! it didn’t work. Sad!! Don’t be disheartened. Lets go to the Mall Next destination: Service Center!

Forget the warranty.

Alright there is no point hiding this WET incident from your Service Guy. He knows everything.

(There are water sensitive stickers/markers which turn RED and that’s how they know it. They are present even on the Battery! Mahn.)

5 days gone>>

Motorola guy took a decent Non-Refundable amount and said they’ll check the brick and then will get back to me with the estimate.

I am hoping they call tomorrow. Will update soon. (fingers-crossed)


PS: this is my first Non-Technical Blog (or is it?). TOO_MANY_BRACKETS exception. (Haaahaa!!)

Sources: Yeah! I just went to *brush my teeth* 😛 (who knows?); and the research in the wake of the shock; Most of the things mentioned are unverified! Please take caution. Happy



13 K. BAM!!

The entire motherboard will be replaced, he said. [Lesson learned: Shock kills Humor]


Taking SF.net out for a stroll

SourceForge.net (part of Geeknet, Inc.) is a web-based source code repository. It acts as a centralized location for software developers to control and manage open source software development. (source: Wikipedia)

(I plan to share my views and learning each day)

Day 0:

I am a member since 2008-06-19 01:05:49 PDT

(back in our college days our Wifi’d campus never allowed us to move past the registration page)

Thanks to this habit of mine, to register everywhere I see a signup page (not really!), all I had to do was to recover my account. Feels nice to have a userid without random or less-random and more unnecessary numbers attached to it. Tip: Register Early. I fear the day when parents would first check the availability of a decent GMail Id before giving their baby a name. [CREEPY] Ah! off track already.

Day 1:

My first (SUCCESSFUL attempt at creating an) opensource project. I named it FileRefresh (pretty lame. I know! But it looks good. Works Well)!

While checking the services tab in account link, I saw my favorite word – SSH (of course after Java).

SF.net lets you temporarily create a SHELL on their server to manage the data remotely using Putty or OpenSSH.

So I tried to connect using a terminal on my Ubuntu.

You may create a Public/Private key pair and save your Public Key in the SSH link.

SSH Public Key Upload

SSH Public Key Upload

// After one time passphrase authentication SSH wouldn’t ask me for my password now.

$ ssh mrdigerati@shell.sourceforge.net
Logging in to your interactive shell…
You don’t have an active shell at this time.
// no interactive shell was found.

// Lets create one

$ ssh -t mrdigerati,FileRefresh@shell.sourceforge.net create

Requesting a new shell for “mrdigerati” and exiting when it is ready.
queued… creating… starting…

// Login again

$ ssh mrdigerati@shell.sourceforge.net
Logging in to your interactive shell…
This is an interactive shell created for user mrdigerati,filerefresh.
Use the “timeleft” command to see how much time remains before shutdown.
Use the “shutdown” command to destroy the shell before the time limit.
For path information and login help, type “sf-help”.

// Logged in

[mrdigerati@shell-22005 ~]$ timeleft
Time remaining before shutdown: 239 minutes.

The Interactive Shell supports the following features:

  • SSH shell access to project content; access to data for other users and projects not provided
  • Comprehensive set to command line tools
  • 4 hour shell life – shells are automatically terminated after 4 hours. [True Story]
  • Password or SSH keys authentication
  • CVS repository administration

System info:

$ cat /etc/issue
CentOS release 5.6 (Final)
Kernel \r on an \m

$ uname -a
Linux shell-22005 2.6.18-238.19.1.el5.028stab092.2 #1 SMP Thu Jul 21 19:23:22 MSD 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ free
total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:       1048576      41392    1007184          0          0          0

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo


Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5345  @ 2.33GHz

commands which work:

links (console based browser)

zip unzip




Tinkering around:

>> Send Real Emails (Do not SPAM).

$ mail -v -s “This is the subject” nikunjlahoti@email.com
This is a message.
Cc: nikunjlahoti@server.com

// -v : verbose and you get to see how the mails are delivered.

>> Ubuntu One Files >> Files.rename


// Download on the file Server First. Zip/Change extension. FTP to your machine.

// This can let you store/download almost every file type (even those filtered by the proxy)

>> Setting up a Static Website

SFTP to /home/user-web/mrdigerati/htdocs/

CentOS 5.x Linux, running Apache 2.2.x

set your own pages. HTML/Perl/Python/Ruby/TCL/CGI/PHP

URL = http://mrdigerati.users.sourceforge.net/

(JSP (programming language) isn’t supported)

>> installing Java

// Java wasn’t installed by default

// Luckily we could download it from http://java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp on the server itself.

$ links http://java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp

// press enter on the download x64 button

$ unzip to <directory>

Set Environment Variables or use relative paths.

export PATH=$PATH:/bin

export JAVA_HOME=<directory>

>> Setting up Tomcat

// Downloaded from http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi

$ links http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi

// Download the Core Zip.

// Unzip and go inside. inside bin, do

$ chmod u+x *

$ ./startup.sh

$ ps -ef

(to check if Java Process is running)



>> Putty Export Display on Cygwin

// Couldn’t find any app of which display would be created. (absence of Firefox, Nautilus, Konqueror etc)

// I tried to download XClock but that needed ROOT permissions to be installed using `yum`.

>> So I tried a JAVA Swing program.

// Didn’t work either.

$ ./programs/jre1.6.0_29/bin/java HelloWorldFrame
Exception in thread “main” java.awt.HeadlessException:
No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.

// Setting display

$ export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0

$ ./programs/jre1.6.0_29/bin/java HelloWorldFrame

lib/amd64/xawt/libmawt.so: libXtst.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

// not finding xorg-x11-libs packages

>> Configuring Tomcat to work with Apache HTTP Server.

// Root access would again be required.

// TODO next day.

I must get some sleep now.


SF.net can be used by beginners to enthusiasts to polish their Linux Skills (all they need is a Windows Computer + Putty + Internet)



Using repositories & Apps.

GIT, CVS, Mercurial, SVN.