Yet another blog-site (Not Technical Posts)

Yes So I had reserved this domain for quite some time now… OH wait let me go back and link the site URL first………………… DONE!!

I have been writing *stuff* .. for quite some time now (Kids!! Back in the summer of 2007, I started writing this Blog… LOL) and of late I realized that I have too many sites.. so it was time to bring some serenity to THE CHAOS.

So here we are:
Technical posts go here >> AKA
Non Technical posts go here >>


Ciao for Now.

PS: Check them out and let me know.

PPS: Nothing `Technical` about it. Hehe. Cheers!!

PPPS:  Yeah I have disowned for a while (until they get this awesome)


Cow and the Bull (a game I created)

So right now I am NOT preparing for THE GRE or any other technical certifications for that matter and yeah the TV Series aren’t airing new episodes until January… So I figured why not channelize the resources/energy/time [BLAH BLAH]

bottom line: I have created a new Blog at WordPress!!

Blog features a cute little game with the same name. Read more about it here.

It actually is fun and all you need is a decent IQ and a decent diction.

I created a game for the Windows platform when I was in 12th Standard (I knew some VB6 back then.. better than anything/anyone else! Languages are dependable huh!?).

Windows users may download the game from here (v 5.0.7).

I know this is pretty lame but the soon-to-come-out Android Application will-not-be! 😀 (yeah that’s the catch)

Do check it out and let me know if … you have any suggestions or if you wish to get involved in its development (comment here … anywhere).