Motorola Milestone: Truly a no compromise device

Well. .. it has been like 15days now (since I’ve been exploring it).. and I am not Tired!! Its lovely. Never really switched between applications so seamlessly. πŸ˜€
OK. Lets talk about it.

Migrating from the “Nokia XpressMusic 5610-1d”
Google Zindabaad.

The best thing about all these incredible devices is that they can sync contact information from almost all your networks.
I’ve got Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, Skype sync’d in my Phone. Automatically the phone numbers (if they made public) & display pictures (and email-ids of course) of all my contacts got saved on my Device. Just Amazing. For the rest of the people, not added/visible on these websites .. I was required to fish their numbers from my previous phone and manually insert them in the Milestone. I choose to call COPY-TO-SIM mundane (manual?) πŸ˜€ … So this is how its DONE.

a) Contacts

Connect the PURAANA phone to the Nokia PC Suite (trust me OVI Suite SUCKS).
Sync Contacts.
Select ALL, Copy ALL, Paste inside a folder on the file system.
Boot inside Linux.

$ cd <windows-ka-folder>

$ cp *.vcf > ~/mycontacts.vcf

Now login to the same Google Account on the web-browser.
Select Import on the Right hand section. Browse. Go to the user’s home, and Pick your File (mycontacts.vcf).
and Voila!! Google displays a message: 927 Contacts imported. πŸ˜› yeah. Cool right? (i know people. ..)
Believe me. .. Within seconds your phone gets all those imported contacts. πŸ˜€ Awesome? Right?

b) Calendar

On a similar note. But I had to do it in CSV format. But this way, Google won’t know its a Birthday or Anniversary (btw the Calendar Format from the PC Suite didn’t work). Birthdays all exported (from 01, January 2011 – 31, January 2011), but in the translation, the annual reminder got lost.
So each time I’d beep now… for a reminder, I edit the event and make it to occur annually. πŸ˜€

Allz Well.

Applications NOT to miss

File manager

  • AndroZip: Can handle ZIP/RAR/TAR/7Z/GZIP/BZIP2 :O … and also the FILESYSTEM. Additionally you can use it to Remove installed applications from the Phone. And yes, you can use it to Kill Unwanted Applications which are using precious CPU cycles. πŸ™‚
  • ASTRO: Equally Good. Handles Zip I guess.


  • Amazon: Kindle for Android: Gives three books for Free. πŸ˜› I removed it.
  • Aldiko book reader: Downloaded Classics. Plato, Shakespeare… Free Domain Ebooks.
  • Kobo: Awesome application. Offers free downloads (Project Gutenberg). Best part, it can scan the SD card for ePub format books and import in the Library. It puts the last viewed book at the top. and Offers night-vision :P, Highlighting and Bookmark.


  • Angry Birds πŸ˜€ I mean amazing. Just amazing.
  • Angry Birds: Season.
  • Chess


  • Advanced English Dictionary. Uses SD card if you want to make it offline (20Mb).
  • Astrid Tasks
  • Barcode Scanner: πŸ˜€ Jazz Maaro
  • Notepad: Simple Slim and Efficient.
  • Dolphin HD Browser: Tabbed Browsing πŸ™‚
  • Compass: It works πŸ˜‰
  • Google Goggles: Experimental.
  • Vocabularium: 200 Flash Cards. Very Nice.
  • Where is my Droid

Media and Entertainment

  • Skype. Google Voice.
  • Google Sky
  • Winamp (beta): I believe it produces better sound than the default Music Player
  • Ringdroid: Make ringtones on the Fly.
  • Rockbox: Overrated Media Player.
  • retrieves information about the song playing.
  • PhotoFunia, PicSay: Fun with the Pictures.
  • Facebook for Android: Comes with a nice Widget.
  • Twitter: A widget on a Screen is very Handy

News & Education

  • Google Reader: Oh man this is a Biggie. All the News you ever wanted to read. On a single page. Arrange under Labels.
  • BBC News
  • CNET News
  • IMDB. Lol
  • Time Mobile
  • Wapedia
  • TeD Mobile

Join Contacts:

also, I later figured that I could actually join Contacts. Like the FB one… with Yahoo and Google. People have web-presence at variety of Locations. You just need to EDIT on contact. Go to menu and See an Option to JOIN. Scroll to the Desired Contact name and Join. You can REVERT or SEPARATE later. It also suggests contacts and merges them readily if it finds a common factor eg. Phone number of email id.. in different Contacts.


Oh you know it. Don’t you? πŸ˜€


PS: Downside: Limited Internal Memory. And on Android 2.1 we can’t save applications on the SD Card. 😦

PPS: Get Android. Get Lucky.