Things my Froyo must have!

» the Undo button
For every application (like Mac’s timeline. We should be able to restore the Angry birds to a snapshot where we just started using the slingshot. And then of course we would want a Redo button to get us back to All levels crossed and Golden eggs retrieved)
For every text input box (like in every other operating system we find, there should be an option to undo to the previous state of the text box.

» Thumb switch between applications.
Yeah I read that in the yesterday announced Nokia N9, this is one feature no other device has. It would be so nice. Btw, N950 has come out as a limited developer edition, & has got 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 4 in touchscreen and full Qwerty.. and a crappy OS. 😛

» Setting wallpaper
There is an option to crop a picture before setting it as a wallpaper, but no option to actually modify the dimensions of the image or add some colored background with the image.

» Deactive an application
Just like we can choose to deactivate the facebook account and thus stop receiving Facebook updates until we turn that switch on. Similarly I would not want the default “facebook” application in my device which I donot use (TweetDeck is much more fun) to stop being spotted as a running application. Even after I force close it, it comes back (not always though).

Google already has a portal where we can post the desirable functionalities in Android.

🙂 Undo is already something people are fighting over.


Blank Your Monitor

Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading ::

Add-ons for Firefox


I created this as a Draft with the WordPress Application for Android. When I saved it, I kinda got this feeling that I was just saved on my Device and not on the cloud. So I “posted it online”. Later when I got a comment on the blog, I realized it actually got “Published”. Mahn!

Anyway, I had some time, you know, to Pursue Excellence (Infosys people would know C-LIFE)… and I decided to read some stuff (SupernaturalWiki, Google News, LulzSec). So I was exploring the Accessibility options. And suddenly it struck me that there would definitely be an add-on or an extension that’d make the Background of any web page Darker (saves you some eyesight and some wattage {{visit: }}). So I found this nice thing (blank-your-monitor-easy-readin). Didn’t explore any other options (if there were). It works.

Then I switched my Firefox4 to a new theme. Nasa Night Launch. Pretty Neat.

Also I use iReader extension for Chrome. It rocks. (Firefox add-on available as well!) It gives you an uncluttered(no BS!) Article View which you can even print etc.

Later I found myself reading an ebook on Acrobat Reader X. I felt the same need so I explored the available options and found out the Accessibility options… under Preferences.

There I could either set the custom color or choose among a set of Background+Foreground combination. I chose Black+Green. A few pages came as Black+White for no reason. But I liked d random White ones. So I didn’t dig. I also have configured it to open the last read page for every document (works like a bookmark huh?). I remember there was an option to optimize the display for Desktop Monitors or Laptops. Done!

Well then, take care of your eyes.

& I will keep posting stuff under this blog.. as I explore.

PS: Lubricating eye drops is a nice idea. The IT crowd.. are you drinking enough water? 😀

Things I’ve been working on!

• Getting OSX to work with GRUB2 (yes! I own an authentic Snow Leopard). Stuff with GPT (Guid Partition Table), Darwin Host, Multibeast & Chameleon.
• CyanogenMod 7 (@Android 2.3.4) for my (unrooted) Motorola Milestone running official 2.2.1 (Froyo) upgrade.
• Getting a bootable image(say an ISO) to be burned (not really) on a USB instead of a CD/DVD.

Will post about it soon.