Sync Facebook birthdays with Google Calendar

Very recently a friend of mine got Galaxy S. (amazing device)

It could inherently support the Calendar sync. (made my Motorola Milestone look “less awesome”!)

anyway, I looked up the Market to see if there was an application that can give me that but then I found a blog about “webCal”!


go to (you know HTTPS right!? I’d suggest before you login, click Login)


Click Events >> Birthdays >> Export Birthdays (link at the bottom)

Events >> Birthdays


A window opens with a URL. Copy this URL. (Don’t be a baby! Right click etc.)

This is imperative that you do not share this Link. 😀 (Security huh!)


Now Login to (Well Somebody does care about it an S.)


Add (Bottom Left) >> Add by URL.

Add by URL

You are set. Hit Sync on your Android Device and start the count down. 😀


>> You can set a color for that calendar. It feels nice. Android app respects it too.

>> Change the calendar settings, set up pop-up notifications as default for the calendar 🙂

Happy Hacking!

Android: Contacts Storage

My Dear Andy,

Hope you are feeling better now.

I know it sucks to store all the email ids and display pictures of each and every individual I ever emailed thru my gmail account.

People who I don’t even speak to anymore and even Dead People X-|

Okay.. so the letter writing idea was lame. Lets just stick to business.


So the size of the Contacts Storage for me was 13.76Mb (with Facebook contacts sync’d as well). 2047 (Useless+Very Useful) Contacts.

Anyway, I figured that only 900 of these Contacts actually have phone numbers.

Because my Motorola Milestone suffer from real RAM issues (just 256Mbs of it and at any given point of time no more than 30Mbs Free).

Yeah Yeah.. i know i Know … My bad!! I should not put all the applications from the market inside it… but that’s what it is meant for right?

I spend 22K for nothing? So because of the Huge size of Contacts Storage the free memory would be less and applications would get Garbage Collected more often :-/ Leaving me 😦 and X-(


So I began to search for ways so that I can reduce the size of the display image each contact has.

Or some way to just sync contacts with Phone numbers. I couldn’t find anything useful.

Even if I use …

a) Display options to show just the contacts with phone numbers

b) sync just one of the categories of contacts (like “My Contacts” or “Family”)

…. the contact storage would remain the same size.

Work Around:

I exported all 2000+ contacts to SDCard (using the ImportExport option in the contacts).

It saved the exported VCard File as “00001.vcf”.

I saved it on my desktop and I wrote a quick Java Program to Read the VCards one by one from a file.

Look inside if it contains a TELEPHONE number. If Yes then save it to the “output.vcf” file.

Help Contacts Storage

HelpContactsStorage to find relevant contacts!


$ java -jar HelpContactsStorage.jar


$ java -jar HelpContactsStorage.jar 00001.vcf


$ java -jar HelpContactsStorage.jar inputFile.vcf finalFile.vcf

Download the Source Code from here. Download sample vcf here.


a) Disable the contacts sync with Google or Facebook.

b) Go to the Display options & Select to show all contacts.

c) place output.vcf on the SDCard.

d) Go to Applications –> All –> Contacts Storage. And Clear Data.

e) Go to contacts, import contacts from the SD Card. Select “output.vcf”

f) Keep the Sync Off.

Prost! 🙂

Original Size: 13Mb

Final Size: 3.5Mb!