Yet another blog-site (Not Technical Posts)

Yes So I had reserved this domain for quite some time now… OH wait let me go back and link the site URL first………………… DONE!!

I have been writing *stuff* .. for quite some time now (Kids!! Back in the summer of 2007, I started writing this Blog… LOL) and of late I realized that I have too many sites.. so it was time to bring some serenity to THE CHAOS.

So here we are:
Technical posts go here >> AKA
Non Technical posts go here >>


Ciao for Now.

PS: Check them out and let me know.

PPS: Nothing `Technical` about it. Hehe. Cheers!!

PPPS:  Yeah I have disowned for a while (until they get this awesome)


2 thoughts on “Yet another blog-site (Not Technical Posts)

    • Yeah other than structure (my Angrezi) … there are a few things which do not fit.
      – Blogger in post G+ era is awesome. innovation is a constant in their labs. Blogger even lets you upload videos etc and set domain in cheaper rates.
      – My Tumblr blog isnt working anymore. suspended!! 😦
      – my less technical blog isnt really No-Technical. I left a few posts coz they had comments and I thought replying late wouldnt hurt anyone. hehe.
      but it wouldnt have technical stuff anymore is what I meant 🙂

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