When Hindi fails to display on your Froyo!

Yes, I am obsessed. (Lets introduce the elephant in the room).

Happy Independence day Folks. I got like 15 (or more; not lyrical) messages from “LM-DAVP-MIB” (text in Hindi: इस स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर, आइये हम स्वयं को राष्ट्रीय एकता, साम्प्रदायिकता सौहार्द और समावेशी विकास के लिए, समर्पित करें- भारत सरकार). Very nice message though!

Now Android 2.2 doesn’t support the Devanagari Script. So instead of the Hindi characters, all it could display was identical blocks.

Unrecognized Hindi Font

Unrecognized Hindi Characters, fail to get rendered!

Now there are two things which can be done:

a) Fix it Globally (Needs superuser access. //not worth d price)

2) Find a work around (//discussed later).

D) or fwd it to a friend’s phone and interpret there. (//which I did and they kept on laughing at me for no reason, saying their phone was better. NO WAY!!)

Finally the work around:

Instead of having the stock messaging app display the Hindi Text, we may download an app with Hindi support inbuilt so that it may render the Characters properly.

I found this @ xda-developer.com : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=16066606#post16066606


Download an app from Market which Displays Hindi fonts (later we are going to use its Fonts Base in our Messaging Application).

>> Install Hindi HinKhoj Dictionary

(pretty nice Hindi dictionary. You may even type in Hindi)


Download an app from Market which has inbuilt support for Devanagari Script, or may scan the available fonts on the device and use them to render characters.

>> Install Go SMS pro


Open the “Go SMS pro” Application.

While setting up it will ask you, select Normal Mode (light mode wouldn’t display all the options).


Go to:

A) “Appearance Settings” >> “Conversation List appearance” >> “Conv. List Customization” >> “Time and message font”

There, package which is default set as “system” you have to change it from “system” to “Hindi Hinkhoj Dictionary” from the list.

Automatically Font will be selected as “mangal”.

Now get back three times. Save & give a name for the customization.
B) “Appearance Settings” >> “Conversation appearance” >> “Conversation Customization” >> “Incoming font” and “Outgoing font”

Same as above!

& that’s all! Restart phone wasn’t required for my device. It worked out of the box.



View content in Hindi language in a Web Browser.

Yes, so I came across another valuable piece of information here.


Install “Opera Mini” on your Android Device.


Clear the address bar & type opera:config (do not write www or http://).


Wait for the page to open. At its end see “use bitmap fonts for complex scripts”.

Change it to “Yes“. Save!! Open any site (eg. type “Hindi” in Google search box)

Opera displaying Hindi (plz don't read it though)


13 thoughts on “When Hindi fails to display on your Froyo!

  1. Cool.. But I’m wondering is it really worth all the effort? Probably yes if you send/receive Hindi texts regularly. But don’t know about otherwise.
    Nice post. R u gonna root ur phone sometime soon? 😛 😀 Let me know 😉

  2. Whoa…! 😛 Hindi ke liye itna effort.Impressive.
    I like patriotic people…you know ! 😀

    “making-things-work” >> aino.Good Thing 🙂
    My phone displayed it properly..that hindi text you sent. 😛 acchai hai!else I would’ve had a hard time(…if I cared to give a damn :P)
    Ohh no..!This post would have been long out..
    by then. 😀 Haina!?

    Nice & Informative.more such findings would make The Bread..stale 😀 Is it?

    • 🙂 patriotic … You bet! Nice comment no nu.
      “Long out”… got me laughing. Yeah it’s kind of an OCD. Making-things-work. Lol. Yeah thoda heavy ho gaya! 😀

      Hindi .. Ik acchi bhasha hai! (Ting)

  3. बहुत ही उत्तम पोस्ट लिखी है आपने , हमारा मन अत्यंत प्रस्सन हुआ इसको पड़कर 🙂
    किसी भी चुनौती को लेना और उसे इतनी अच्छी तरह से करना सही में तारीफ के काबिल है ,
    ये जो आपने उपाय बताये है , ये क्या अन्द्रोइड फ़ोन पर ही लागू होते है , या फिर ये नोकिया फ़ोन में भी उपयोग में लाये जा सकते है .हमारी समझ के हिसाब से नोकिया फ़ोन में इस चीज़ का कोई और तरीका होगा.

    आगे भी आप कला विज्ञान पर खोज कीजिये , और अपना ज्ञान लोगों को साथ बाटें 🙂

  4. आई लाइक योर एट्टीटूड ऑफ “मेकिंग थिंग्स वर्क” कीप इट अप

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