Things my Froyo must have!

» the Undo button
For every application (like Mac’s timeline. We should be able to restore the Angry birds to a snapshot where we just started using the slingshot. And then of course we would want a Redo button to get us back to All levels crossed and Golden eggs retrieved)
For every text input box (like in every other operating system we find, there should be an option to undo to the previous state of the text box.

» Thumb switch between applications.
Yeah I read that in the yesterday announced Nokia N9, this is one feature no other device has. It would be so nice. Btw, N950 has come out as a limited developer edition, & has got 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 4 in touchscreen and full Qwerty.. and a crappy OS. 😛

» Setting wallpaper
There is an option to crop a picture before setting it as a wallpaper, but no option to actually modify the dimensions of the image or add some colored background with the image.

» Deactive an application
Just like we can choose to deactivate the facebook account and thus stop receiving Facebook updates until we turn that switch on. Similarly I would not want the default “facebook” application in my device which I donot use (TweetDeck is much more fun) to stop being spotted as a running application. Even after I force close it, it comes back (not always though).

Google already has a portal where we can post the desirable functionalities in Android.

🙂 Undo is already something people are fighting over.


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