Issues with the Android 2.1 Devices! :|

Okay so as we already know I have Motorola Milestone and of course this is like the only phone that I have used.. Android Device I meant but I’d like to generalize it.

Let me quickly write down which STATE it is in.

Never Upgraded. Android 2.1. Non-Rooted (people say it has a LOCKED BOOTLOADER that’s going to prevent us from doing that. &of course the Manufacturer’s Upgrade won’t happen. Moto is rolling the upgrade soon. Q1 2011). Running Fine. Still Looks New (thanks to the CAPDASE Cover).


1) Battery Life: What to say here. If you start using a single thing instead of Your iPod, Your CyberShot, Your PSP & Your Book Reader then of course this is going to EAT all the BATTERY alive. Keep it Plugged-in Pal. 😦 Twice a Day is such a NORMAL thing.

2) There is still no UNDO button 😐 I mean whhhhyyy!!? Why can’t they give me an UNDO button. (CTRL+Z)

3) Less internal Memory. 2.1 ANDROID you cannot move apps to SD Card. So you need to have a limited number of applications at any given time. Remove to install NEW! 😛 (I recently had to remove Angry Birds. Come on! what can suck MORE! :-|)

4) 2.1 ANDROID doesn’t let you play FLASH CONTENT in your browser. Sad story.


Issues with my Milestone:

1) Intermittent restart; Random Reboot. I don’t know what causes it. Is it Memory Exhausted? (but Android should manage memory by itself. Right?)

2) Home Screen (I have 5 currently) Icons just disappear to NEVER COME BACK! (Happens sometimes! I guess I overload it with applications. My Bad Motorola! Please upgrade soon! You have less than a Month you know. Quarter is going to end soon)

3) EDGE/GPRS (I nowadays use JuiceDefender, which is an amazing application btw…, to Toggle Data Usage) will suddenly go away to NEVER come back on its own. You need to RESTART (=REBOOT) the device to get it back/Switch To Flight Mode and BACK.

4) Memory Card 8Gigs that comes along with the Device has this issue 😦 when I try to fill it to the BRIM.. The Device HANGS. I know how frustrating it is to see the Phone is responding to the LOCK/UNLOCK button but the SCREEN is just RESTING in PEACE. I have switched back to my Nokia Phone’s 4 Gigs SDCard. Things are currently OK. I guess the SD was defective.

5) Touch is Quirky. You intend to call someone and just when you press the GREEN Button in the Call Logs you can actually see some other Button getting pressed which actually is just half visible towards the bottom of the screen and you end up calling someone else. SUPER CREEPY!! 😐


Okay more on that later. 😀 Heyy! but I do appreciate the UPSIDE too. Check the TRULY NO COMPROMISE DEVICE blog. 🙂 Sift thru posts.

2 thoughts on “Issues with the Android 2.1 Devices! :|

    • I wonder… Why don’t you ever play that game!! 🙂 now you don’t even need an Android or iPhone device to play. Its on Windows. Its on Flash. Its on Chrome. 🙂

      Or were you just SAYING!?

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