Where have I been.. . .?

alright…!! Well … Oops .. this is my Techn-Blog.. not the usual . .ME-*hit! . .. which I post at mrdigerati.blogspot.com

Nonetheless we’ll turn this thing .. surely embracing technology towards the end.

🙂 Well these past couple of days I’ve not been really… spending much time with my PC, was reading etc.

I’ve read Love Story recently. 😛 Yeah I know it sucks and didn’t come up to the HYPE . .. but I liked the way they communicated ..  Jenny and Ollie .. that was good. I didn’t really liked the part where he was talking about her illness and impending death. I personally felt that could’ve been more Intense… but funny. Anyway… after like a lot of time .. .by ‘lot’ I really mean a LOT… I finished a book. Lets for just a minute ignore the fact that it was hardly a 100 pages and smallest possible size a novel could be so that I can have my Victory Laugh!! [okay … I’ve heard we can attach music and videos with the post but not for this cause] ….! I’m now reading A Brief History Of Time. I know I don’t have to mention the author’s name. The book came out when I was like in my Diapers..! 😉 Physics really amazes me sometimes. Have you seen FlashForward? Such a loss .. it got cancelled. Mathematics, Quantum Physics and what not. Hey then there is Numb3rs. Another ‘marvel’…! Talking of which “Spider Man 4” is going to come in 2012 and its going to be a REBOOT… (go wiki … not a sequel. .remake or a prequel). Hehe! I’ve digressed enough for the paragraph I guess. Hello??

Meanwhile, in the college I used to read a lot of RSS Feeds. Akregator was in!! .. .openSUSE I liked. Now in my Awesome Ubuntu 10.04, I have Liferea (Linux Feed Reader). Its simple its strong. Its nice.

RSS makes your life simple. Even when I didn’t have access to internet, I could read the news feeds offline. The updates are made in a fashion that network resources be used intelligently.  Good thing.

Interesting Thing of the Day & Techcrunch are my top Favorites.

Linux Feed Reader

The Linux Feed Reader - RSS 🙂


One thought on “Where have I been.. . .?

  1. Oh! So finally a glimpse into the person behind the tech blog…!! 😛
    Hope the blog is going to be interspersed with more posts like this one!! 😀 😛

    P.S: Nice feeds..!! Sound interesting (and knowing you- typical..! 😛 )
    I especially adore “Boing Boing” 😀 though i dont know….what it offers! 😉
    {Oh now dont get all prudish on me 😛 , i like it coz it sounds so childish and carefree!! NOTHING else! :)}

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